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Lane Master Pro Tournament Edition


Produktspezifikation - Lane Master Pro Tournament Edition

Größe (TxBxH)247 x 66 x 219cm
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Beschreibung Lane Master Pro Tournament Edition

All new single lane video bowling game! Players roll the balls down the alley-style playfield, the sensors on the lane will detect the speed and angle of the ball and translate it onto the screen. Perfect for arcades, bars, shopping malls and a variety of street locations.​


  • ​​32" LCD score display monitor marquee 
  • 42“ LCD gameplay display 
  • 1 to 6 players compete by taking turns 
  • Attractive LED track lights 
  • Combines the physical fun of a traditional alley bowler with the flexibility of a video game 
  • Sensors detect the speed, angle and spin of the ball and is translated on-screen 
  • Coupon printer option available