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Dirty Drivin’™

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Produktspezifikation - Dirty Drivin’™

HerstellerRaw Thrills
Größe (TxBxH)168x105x212cm
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Beschreibung Dirty Drivin’™

Dirty Drivin’™ is a high energy combat racing game that combines classic arcade ingredients. We’ve got insane custom vehicles, devastating and devious weapons, epic environments sprinkled liberally with power-ups and a reckless disregard for the rules of the road. All of which boils down to a deliciously sweet ride.

Dirty Drivin’™ features:

  • 14 outrageous tracks
  • 10 extremely wild rides
  • 100′s of awesome vehicle upgrades
  • Linkable to 8 positions
  • Using our standard PIN account system, players can create profiles to save their game progress

Dirty Drivin’™ features true hi-def resolution, a 42″ 1080p display, and a slick attention-grabbing cabinet. As with all Raw Thrills games, Dirty Drivin’™ is designed from the ground up for reliability and durability.



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